SneakGuard™: Camera Detector

Wondering if someone's spying on you? Let the Portable Spy Detector check it out and make sure your privacy stays safe!

Instantly Detect Any Hidden Cameras with this Sneakguard Anti Camera Scanner

This Device Scan your surroundings for hidden Cameras and Audio Devices

In a world full of sneaky hidden cameras, it’s super important to protect your personal space. This Device help you to easily identify all types of hidden cameras ranging from lighter cameras and pinhole cameras to watch cameras or pen cameras. It detect cameras whether they are switched off or on. No more living in the dark ..

Strengthen your privacy anytime, anywhere!

Think of this device as your very own privacy bodyguard against cameras!

There have been stories of leaked private Pictures and Videos all over the internet. Now Imagine this: You are a frequent business traveler and you find yourself in a new hotel for a conference. 

One evening, while you are settling into your hotel room, you notice something strange—a tiny hole in the ceiling near the corner of the room.

Now your imagination runs wild, and you starts to wonder if there might be a hidden camera watching your every move.

You won’t be able to detect if it’s really a camera or not because most cameras are tiny. There are some that are even hidden in mirror in the bathroom, some even look like screw nails.

Now, this is where this device comes in because it will help you to detect the presence of any type of camera placed anywherer.

Whether you’re in a hotel, a meeting using public places, or exploring new places, this device gives you top-notch privacy protection. Its small, pocket-sized design makes it super easy to carry in your handbags, pockets, or suitcase. Keep it with you, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your personal space is safe wherever you are!

Uses an Infrared Scanning Technology

Using the LED infrared physical scanning technology, the infrared light of the detector scans the hidden camera through the dual functions of the refraction of the glass mirror of the camera and the filtering of complex light by the color filter.

Ultra-Long Battery Life

SB fast charging, get rid of the trouble of frequent battery replacement, one charge can be used for 720 hours continuously, the battery capacity is 110Ah, the battery life is long-lasting, once charged, the anti-candid mode can be used continuously for 24 hours.

Watch the Camera Detector in Action


Mr Charles *** Kano


Works great. It found my nanny cam .. the lens was a strong red dot when looking through the viewing window.

Seyi *** Ibadan


Tested it using my own camera. It was obvious both with the camera turned on and off – which amazed me. Very nice. small convenient. Like that it is usb charged. Love it

Bernie *** Asaba


Used this in our hotel stay and with kids you can’t be too careful. Worked a treat, no cameras thank god but did test it out with a hidden camera and worked a treat. Best buy for travelling.

Get visual confirmation with this device for complete peace of mind.

Using the Anti-Surveillance Scan Finder is unlike anything else. When you look through the viewing port, any hidden camera in your view will brightly reflect the light from its built-in LEDs, showing up like a distinct pinpoint of light. This special visual confirmation guarantees that you won’t miss a hidden camera, giving you the assurance that you’re not being watched or recorded.

Lightweight and compact

Easy to carry, only weighs 25g, can be put into the bag at will, carry it with you, the lines are smooth, and the shape is simple and atmospheric.

Why You Should get the Compact and Reliable Mini Portable Infrared Camera Detector

  1. Infrared scanning made compact and easy.
  2. Our detector uses LED infrared technology to scan cameras. It emits infrared rays, which bounce off the camera’s glass lens and get filtered through a color filter to spot the camera.
  3. To use it, simply turn on the detector, press and hold the switch button. The red light will flash, indicating that infrared scanning has started, and you can scan through the special filter lens from the window.
  4. This small and convenient device can be carried with you anywhere. It’s a must-have for home use, travel, staying in hotels, or when you’re in unfamiliar environments, ensuring your safety and security.


Dr. Angelo *** Abuja


Works very well, I actually found a Camera in the hotel room so this was definitely a lifesaver!

Mr Philip *** Abuja


Just received this little piece of kit. It came somewhat charged, with a cord to recharge. Checked it against known cameras and it worked. Further use will reinforce my confidence. We shall see!

Ngozi *** Enugu


After receiving the goods, I checked my home first. When I met a place with a camera, I could see the reflective points clearly, which was very suitable for traveling. It was very useful to me. Rechargeable is very convenie.

SneakGuard™: Camera Detector



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SneakGuard™: Camera Detector

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SneakGuard™: Camera Detector

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